Using LCD screen with Telos B in TinyOS

TelosB with LCD Here is a brief description and sample code to use LCD screen with Crossbow Telos B node. It should be fairly easy but I could not find any sample code, so I'm putting here just in case anyone is interested.

Communication is based on serial via UART0 of MSP430. For LCD screen, I used this one with serial interface based on SerLCD by SparkFun. As shown in the picture, UART0TX pin (Pin 4 of 10pin header (U2); Pin layout available here) is connected to LCD serial in. I'm using AVCC (Pin 1 of U2) for powering the LCD, but the voltage is lower than it should be (AVCC=3V while LCD requires 3.3V), so the display is a little dark.

You can download the sample code here.

2010/11/09 Another version based on BlinkToRadio here, though I'm not very sure if this is a supposed way of using Arbiter. In particular, I'm not sure if I really need to start/stop LCD and Radio every time.
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