Finished courses

2009/06/05 Final defense
2008/03/19 Thesis proposal
2007WI CSE230 Principles of Programming Languages (Prof. Jhala)
CSE500 TA for CSE123 (Computer Networks; Prof. Varghese)
2006FA CSE250B Artificial Intelligence I (Prof. Elkan)
2006/06/22 Research exam
2006WI CSE200 Computability and Complexity (Prof. Micciancio)
CSE222 Computer Communications Networks (Prof. Vahdat)
CSE232 Database Systems (Prof. Papakonstantinou)
2005FA CSE221 Operating Systems (Prof. Marzullo)
ECE284 Wireless Embedded and Networked Systems (Prof. Schurgers)
2005SP CSE210 Principles of Software Engineering (Prof. Griswold et al.)
CSE225 High Performance Distributed Computing & Grids (Prof. Chien)
2005WI CSE240A Computer Architecture (Prof. Tullsen)
2004FA CSE105 Introduction to Theory of Computation (undergrad) (Prof. More)
CSE120 Principle of Computer Operating System (undergrad) (Prof. Voelker)
CSE202 Algorithm Design and Analysis (Prof. Impagliazzo)
CSE292 Faculty Research Seminar
*CSE101 Design and Analysis of Algorithm (undergrad)
*CSE131A Compiler Construction I (undergrad)
*CSE141 Computer Architecture (undergrad)

* Without credits: audited and took final exam for competency requirements