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A Perspective on Challenges of mHealth Academics
mHeath Summit, NIH 2014.

Rethink Disruption
CTO Forum, San Francisco, November 2014.

Uncertainty and Approximation in Computing and Data: Raising Abstraction of Adaptation
Keynote, CASA and MeAOW at ESWeek, October 2014, New Delhi, India.

From Crash-and-Recover to Sense-and-Adapt: Our Evolving Models of Computing Machines
The 31st IEEE International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD), Asheville, NC, October 2013.

The Variability Expeditions: Variability-Aware Software for Efficient Computing With Nanoscale Devices
Variability Expeditions Review, Washington, DC, May 2013.

Variability-Resistant Software Through Improved Sensing & Modeling: Compiler Directed Strategies
ACM/IEEE Design, Automation, and Test in Europe (DATE) Conference, March 2013.

Location & Its Infrastructure: towards dm-scale real-time consumer equipment
CRA/CCC Meeting on Spatial Computing 2020, Washington, DC, September 2012.

Design Dynamics: Engineering the Engineer
Design Summit, UC San Diego, May 2012.

Transforming Institutional Infrastructure for Research
National Academies, May 2012.

Universities as living laboratories for the Smart Grid
Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, Denver, November 2009.

CSE Program in Embedded Systems: Training Talent for the Emerging Cyber-Physical Systems
Rajesh Gupta, Ryan Kastner, and Tajana Rosing, presentation to JSOE Corporate Affiliates Program, June 2009

Architecting Energy Efficient Computing Platforms
Rajesh Gupta, Science of Power Management, March 2009

UCSD and LANL: Active and Long-Term Collaboration
Rajesh Gupta, distinguished speaker at UCLA, Februrary 2009

High Level Design & ESL: How design cost is driving innovation in system-level designs?
Rajesh Gupta, Formal Methods in CAD, November 2008

Mobile Computing: Applications and Beyond
Rajesh Gupta and Ramesh Rao, UC-India Joint Forum, Delhi, Feb 2007

System Level Power Management
Rajesh Gupta, System level Design, IIT Delhi, Feb 2007

Energy Efficient Multi-Radio Platforms for Mobile Application
Yuvraj Agrawal and Rajesh Gupta, UCLA Meeting on Mobile Multimedia, Feb 2007

Adaptive and Reflective Middleware and OS Services for Mobile Applications
Rajesh Gupta, Keynote, ARM 2006, Melbourne, November 2006

High Level Synthesis Lessons: Understanding structure and appreciating mother-nature
Rajesh Gupta, ECSI/UBS Forum at FDL2, Darmstadt, September 2006

SPARK Parallelizing High Level Synthesis
Rajesh Gupta and Sumit Gupta, ECSI/UBS Forum at FDL2, Darmstadt, September 2006

Meta Modeling for Component Compositions: A Hardware Guy's View
Rajesh Gupta, Keynote Talk, Automotive Software Workshop (ASWD'06), San Diego, March 2006

S&T Research Funding In A Rule-Changing World
Rajesh Gupta, Dinner Talk, The Center for Integrated Systems, Stanford University, November 2005

ESL: A Crucial Enabler for Platform Ownership
Rajesh Gupta, Keynote, ESL Workshop, January 2006

Compositional Methodologies in System Level Design
Rajesh Gupta, Co-design and Verification Seminar, Intel, Santa Clara, November 2005

State of Research Funding
Rajesh Gupta, CANDE Panel, September 2005

High Level Modeling and Component Compositions
Rajesh Gupta, Intel DTTC, Oregon, August 2005

Power of Location and Awareness of Power in Embedded Systems
Rajesh Gupta, Construction and Analysis of Safe, Secure and Interoperable Smart Devices (CASSIS), Keynote, Nice, March 2005