Rajesh Gupta
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Email: rgupta at ucsd


Mieng Nguyen
Lab Administrative Assistant
(858) 534-5151 mtn033 at eng.ucsd.edu

Staff Engineers

Choon Kim
CSE Embedded Systems Lab

Michael Florea
CalIT2 System on Chip Lab


Balakrishnan Narayanaswamy
Machine learning, data mining and optimization for Cyber-physical Systems, Smart Grids and Buildings
Email: muralib at ucsd
Bao Liu

Ryo Sugihara
Sensor networks, Cyber-physical systems
Email: ryo at ucsd

Affiliated and Visiting Faculty

Dr. Yuvraj Agarwal
Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Email: yuvraj at cs.cmu
Daisuke Komaki

Kyoko Komaki-Ito
Assistant Professor, Osaka University

Jihong Kim
Professor, Seoul National University

RK Shyamsundar
Professor, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Siddika Berna Ors Yalcin
Professor, Istanbul Technical University

Group Photos

Abbas's going away lunch

October 2014 group photo

May 2014 group photo

September 2013 group photo

Yuvraj's going away lunch

Yuvraj Agarwal: UCSD distinguished alumni

June 2009 Ryo's going away lunch

Summer 2008 group photo

June 2004 group photo

Graduate Students

Vahideh Akhlaghi
Variability Aware Software Design
Email: vakhlagh at ucsd
Omid Assare
Variability Aware Modeling and Design
Email: omid at ucsd
Zhou Fang
Cyber-Physical Systems
Email: zhoufang at ucsd
Francesco Fraternali
Energy-Efficiency, Variability, HPC
Email: frfrater at ucsd
Manish Gupta
Variability aware Software/Compiler adaptions
Email: manishg at ucsd
Xun Jiao
Cross-layer Approximate Computing
Email: xujiao at ucsd
Jason Beomkyu Koh
Variability Aware System
Email: jhkoh at ucsd
Atieh Lotfi
Variability management for efficient computing
Email: alotfi at ucsd

Visiting Graduate Students

Daniele Cesarini
Variability-aware OpenMP
Email: dcesarini at ucsd
Alessandro Antonio Nacci
Energy Aware Smart Spaces

Undergraduate Students

Lilia Hu

Lynn Ng

Elliot Kroo

PhD Alumni

Bharathan Balaji
Postdoc, UCLA
Email: bbalaji at ucsd
Abbas Rahimi
Postdoc, UC Berkeley
Email: abbas at eecs.berkeley.edu
Muhammad Abdullah Adnan
Assistant Professor, BUET
Email: madnan at ucsd
Arup De
HSGT Research Lab
Email: arde at ucsd
Kaisen Lin
Software Consultant
Email: kaisenl at ucsd
Joel Coburn
Email: joel at ucsd
Zhong-Yi Jin
Email: zhjin at ucsd
Ryo Sugihara
Email: ryo at ucsd
Dr. Yuvraj Agarwal
Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Email: yuvraj at cs.cmu
Sudipta Kundu
Email: dipukundu at yahoo.com
Ravindra Jejurikar

Sumit Gupta

Dinesh Ramanathan
CEO, Avogy Inc

Ali Dasdan

Jian Li
Riverbed Technology

MS Alumni

Thomas Weng
Localization for wireless mobile devices
Email: tweng at ucsd
Fred Doucet
Email: fdoucet at ucsd
Jacob Lyles
Email: jlyles at ucsd
Samir Agrawal

Prashant Arora

Chun Chang
Cisco Systems

Haitao Du

Piyush Garg

Anjum Gupta

Rajesh Satapathy
Newport Communications

Vivek Sinha

Derek Taubert
Cisco Systems