About the Microelectronic Embedded Systems Laboratory

The MESL Lab is headed by Prof. Rajesh Gupta and has research interests in many fields relating to VLSI, systems, embedded software, wireless networking, sensors, cyberphysical systems and hardware/software codesign. Prof. Gupta directs a group of eight PhD students and several MS students on projects that span the entire gamut of computing, from nanoscale devices to computation at the level of entire buildings. Along with our diverse interests, we publish in many top tier prestigious conferences including DAC, DATE, CODES-ISSS, CASES, IPSN, MICRO, MobiSys, DCOSS, ASPLOS, PLDI, NSDI, ICCAD, and many more.

Currently, we are largely focused in four directed research efforts: energy efficient systems (including Smart Buildings and Smart Grid research), handling variability for future computer systems under the Variability Expedition, handling uncertainty in time in cyberphysical systems and theoretical underpinnings of cyberphysical systems, wireless sensor networks and computational geometry. We also have other interests that include research into foundations for high-level synthesis tools for hardware/software codesign, localization, time synchronization, energy efficiency in large-scale systems and stream-based computing architectures. Please check out our research page for both current and past research efforts.

Many of our projects are high profile and generate considerable press in the popular media. Our Energy Dashboard work allows real time visualization of energy usage across the UCSD campus and has been cited many times as a prototypical example of what an energy usage web page should look like. Our Somniloquy and SleepServers efforts allow computers to talk in their sleep, and has generated a significant amount of press due to its potential in reducing energy consumption by up to 68%.

Prospective Students

If you are an admitted PhD or MS student at UCSD and are interested in working with us, please contact Prof. Gupta for an appointment to discuss possible opportunities. We are always looking for good students with a keen interest in our work; we look for both students with a theory background and students with a systems background. MS students are also welcome, as we have many opportunities working with one of our PhD students on a research project for the Research Project requirement. All of our students work in close collaboration with other groups, and in fact many are co-advised, allowing them to direct their own interests.