Rajesh K. Gupta

Professor and Qualcomm Endowed Chair
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of California, San Diego

EBU3B Room 2120, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0404
(858) 822-4391 rgupta at ucsd.edu

Assistant: Mieng Nguyen
(858) 534-5151
mtn033 at eng.ucsd.edu
About Rajesh
 Rajesh Gupta is a professor and holder of the QUALCOMM endowed chair in Embedded Microsystems in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at UC San Diego, California. He leads the Microelectronic Embedded Systems Lab and is head of the Embedded Systems Group at UCSD. Rajesh did his undergraduate education at IIT-Kanpur and his graduate education at UC Berkeley and Stanford. He currently serves as an advisor to Tallwood Venture Capital, RealIntent, Calypto and Packet Digital Corporation.[Extended Bio]

What's New

November 10, 2015: If you are a CS department chair (or chief of a school/college), you may be looking for a survey in progress. You can fill it here if you are interested in seeing results. They are already very interesting, and more so if you look at the raw data.


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News Items:

  • 8/27/10: Variability Expedition is announced as part of NSF Expeditions Program.
  • 11/13/09: Looks like Yuvraj keeps getting press coverage. Got Slashdotted again and featured in MIT Technology Review blog.
  • 9/23/09: If you are an entering MS student who is looking to work with our group, please see Yuvraj Agarwal or Joel Coburn for potential match with any of the half a dozen projects we have defined. Financial support is available but will be committed based on evidence of commitment and progress.
  • SDSIC GIS/LBS meeting kicks off 9/29/2009 at 5:30PM. Details here.

Teaching: AY 2015-16


  • CSE 292: CSE Research Seminar


  • CSE 143: Microelectronics Systems Design
  • CSE 292: CSE Research Seminar